Multi-Level Marketing Software

INS Multi-Level Marketing Software features allow you to be MORE PROFITABLE when compared to other Multi-Level Marketing Software.

Enterprise Multi-Level Marketing Software, Multi-Lingual, Multi-Currency. INS Multi-Level Marketing Software can get a new MLM Company or Multi-Level Marketing Company started, or take an existing company to a new level of business efficiency, making you MORE MONEY.

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Multi-Level Marketing Software Feature List

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Multi-Level Marketing Software Commission Plans

  1. MLM Commission Calculation - Your Custom Multi-Level-marketing Commission plan built to your specification! 40 hour allowance to build included in MLM software purchase.
  2. Uni-Level Commission Plan, 3x8 Matrix, Binary Commission Plan, Binary Unilevel Hybrid, Straight Line Plan, 2x2 cycling matrix, Australian 2 up(aussie 2 up), Coded Bonus Plan, Fast Start Bonus, Infinity Bonus, Matching bonus, Check Match Bonus, if you can dream it, we can build it!
  3. Run and Re-run as often as you need to get it right before pushing Pay.
  4. Development environment provided in case you wish to try scenarios
  5. Check Printing Video Demo 7min 22sec
  6. Other Payment Out options per your needs.

Multi-Level Marketing Software Members Back Office (Demo Video 23min 43 sec)

  1. MLM Communicator Mobile Application - members can get all corporate email blasts directly to their smartphone as a push notification in real time vs emails which are unreliable in today's MLM environment. INSTANT communication!
  2. Retail Engine - in light of Herbalife's $200 million fine, we have added a retail engine to allow members to track their retail sales to keep you compliant.
  3. Mobile Signup
  4. Mobile Members area
  5. Add/Edit Change all but Name, including addition of multiple addresses or payment types.
  6. Replicated Website "About Me" Page control and prospect info collection form.
  7. Real Time Graphical Downline Viewers
  8. Genealogy Report with autoship volumes (updated daily)
  9. Genealogy File Structure type viewer.
  10. Personally sponsored member and customer list.
  11. Earnings Reports and History
  12. Member Online Signup (Demo Video 6 min 38 sec)
  13. Member Online Order (Shopping Cart)
  14. Autoship Control Real Time add/edit/delete
  15. Rotating Autoship Feature
  16. Order Status and History
  17. Support Link (Automated FAQ Help Desk Support Ticket System)
  18. FAQ Access
  19. Control of Commission Payment Options
  20. Personal Account (e-wallet) System that is Multi-Currency as well as Reward points capable
  21. Currency Exchange functionality
  22. Gift Certificates
  23. Inter-Member Transfer
  24. Commission Payment Option Control and auto withdrawal settings
  25. Calendar for Corporate Events tracking and personal use.
  26. News Feature
  27. Administration notes and Support Ticket understanding area.
  28. Quote of the Day
  29. Inter-member Inter-System Email Communication system
  30. Social Networking Status and Friendship Functions like Facebook
  31. Secure Recognition Picture upload
  32. Sponsor Leader Listing
  33. Recognition Story and photo area.
  34. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn links on Replicated website about me page.
  35. Integrated Moderated Forums available for any clients who would like them, turned OFF by default due to learning curve.
  36. Holding Tank Feature (if needed)
  37. New Member Re-Positon Feature (if needed)

Multi-Level Marketing Software Auto Prospecting System

  1. 4 Page Member Controllable Sifting/Sorting Website
  2. Member Controllable Video or Audio presentation
  3. Member Controllable Survey
  4. Contact Manager
  5. Contact Notes
  6. Telephone Scripts
  7. AutoResponder Follow Ups
  8. Birthday Emails
  9. Anniversary Emails
  10. Mentoring function to assist your downline
  11. Traffic rotator to share traffic with downline or run your own Ad Co-Op
  12. Corporate Advertising Co-op
  13. Template Selection
  14. Email blaster to lead groups
  15. Custom Data Fields
  16. API to add leads from an external website
  17. Export to PhoneBurner
  18. Import from PhoneBurner
  19. Statistics

Multi-Level Marketing Software Administration Area

  1. Autoship Control - daily autoship processing or set to automatic
  2. Autoship Bonus - an engine that allows you to give free product based on Autoship being maintained for set number of months
  3. Rotating Autoship Feature - allows you to have a set of products that are sent in order month after month as autoship vs. a static autoship.
  4. Charging/Invoicing - handle the money, retry ccards (or set to automatic) confirm payment from non real time sources, approve batches for printing, approve batches for shipping, delete dead orders
  5. Weighbill Entry - Enter Weighbills by hand, barcode reader, or if you are integrated with a logistics company, it can happen automatically.
  6. Withdrawels - process automatic withdrawels, and manual withdrawels to various payment types you have configured
  7. Resend CCard Reciepts
  8. Member Transfers - Approve members transfers above the threshold you set in configuration
  9. Check Status - balance your checkbook to commission checks printed
  10. Commission Run - Run, rerun, pay.
  11. Error Display - get the actual error reported by entering the ID supplied. (keeps you PCI compliant)
  12. Referrer Maintenance - Setup referrers for complex skinning capabilities and various multi currency scenarios
  13. Email Downline Approval - Approve downline emails sent by members that you have forced to have approved before sending. (Problem members?)
  14. Tax Exemption - set tax exemption rules for items, and or Members with State Tax ID's etc.
  15. Upload Engine - upload files for use in backoffice or public/custom pages in your replicated site.
  16. Gift Certificate - list of all gift certificates issued in the system for tracking.
  17. Quote Engine - Add/Edit/Delete the 14000+ Quote of the Day quotes for display in the members area
  18. Calendar - add events, approve member events for sharing with all calendar users

Multi-Level Marketing Software Configuration

  1. Admin Configuration Area - Video Demo 9min 55sec.
  2. Replicated Website Control Content Management System (CMS) to add/edit/delete public viewable pages, backoffice pages or even admin pages
  3. Admin Replicated Website Skin and Multi-URL engine allow you to run multiple look and feels connected to specific shopping cart categories and FAQ categories allowing you to run multiple scenarios segregated at prospected area, yet integrated for members commissions.
  4. Admin CSS Control
  5. Admin Theme Graphics Control - 3 styles out of the box, or you can customize your own as well.
  6. Terms and Conditions engine and version control.
  7. Admin Mobile Replicated Site Control
  8. Downline Viewer Configuration, set what information Admin can see vs. what members can see on their personals or non personals, includes options like, First and Last Name, Phone Number, Email Link, Volume Purchased last week, Current Autoship Volume Set, Volume so far this period, Qualified for this period, Rank, Leg Count.
  9. Admin User control - up to 8 access security levels for admin users. Users can be locked to a country or countries, and to warehouses for very granular data access.
  10. Warehouse Control - make unlimited warehouses, select how each warehouse communicates orders to logistics company or internal paperwork creation
  11. System Prefs control to control over 200 variables on how your system is configured, or change configuration on the fly including company name phone number etc.
  12. Shopping cart configuration including tax methods and currency control.
  13. Shipping Formula Control engine
  14. Shopping Cart Item Control (Add/Delete/Edit Unlimited Products/Prices/Points)
  15. Country Code Control engine
  16. Image Upload engine
  17. Tax Table Control - American, Canadian, Australian, Euro VAT, Japanese and any other tax system supported.
  18. Item Tax Exemption control by State/Province/Region
  19. Corporate Entity Tax Exemption Control - exempt member from State/Provincial tax if paperwork on file.
  20. Control of System Pages Base English to allow you to fit system to your culture
  21. Many Macros for use throughout the system so pertinent information can be changed in one place and have the whole site update
  22. Comms Setup to control simple titles etc. in your custom commission plan.

Multi-Level Marketing Software Distributor/Member Control

  1. Distributor or Customer Look up by; Username, Name, Order Number, Credit Card Number, ID Number, Paperwork ID, SSN/SIN, Email, Phone, IP, Signup Date Range, City, State, Country, Zip/Postal code, On Autoship or Not, and ANY COMBINATION of parameters
  2. Distributor Support Interface (CRM) - Video Demo 7min 25sec.
  3. Member communication interface to use above search capabilities to get your subset of members and post a note to their members lounge, as well as email to them internally and email them externally all at once.
  4. Distributor Maintenance area - edit all client details, add unlimited addresses, Personal Account Update, add or subtract funds in commissionable or non commissionable way.
  5. Inter member transfer history visibility
  6. Payment Type control add or edit payment types and auto withdrawel settings
  7. Autoship setting modifying deleting
  8. Quick Email Function for sending member quick standard emails saves time over custom emails
  9. Invoice listing with ability to change status, refund, set paid, set unpaid, delete, set shipped on an individual basis.
  10. Earnings Report History
  11. Members team summaries and genealogies.
  12. Volume Adjust Tool
  13. Various team downline viewers
  14. Flag Update area to allow a member to not need to meet commission criteria to get paid.
  15. Enable Holding tank and/or Re-Position Functionality.

Multi-Level Marketing Software Signup/Order/Autoship Money Handling

  1. Admin Signup (for offline signup capability) - backdate capable
  2. Admin Order (for offline order capability) - backdate capable -optimized for quick data entry.
  3. Autoship Processing Module
  4. Automated Real time Credit Card Gateway processing, as well as offline non-real time payment processes supported
  5. Batch PDF Order Printing, Order Shipping, and weigh bill lookup (integration to fedex etc. possible) Video Demo 7min 22sec
  6. Order Refund - partial refund capability.
  7. 3rd party CSV file export Single file format or Dual File format or XML format.
  8. Personal Account System - (e-wallet) Non Credit Card Money Handling
  9. CCard Blacklist - add known cards with issues to blacklist so they are never transmtted to your gateway.
  10. Credit Card Receipt sending engine
  11. Gift Certificate and Member Transfer control
  12. Currency Exchange Settings

Multi-Level Marketing Software Help Desk and MLM Automated FAQ System

  1. Handle all Support queries in one integrated contained system
  2. MLM Help Desk and Automated FAQ Interface - Video Demo 9min 58sec
  3. Get lists of open tickets by language, Status of New, or opened
  4. Automatically add to FAQ any support tickets that are generic and useful to your members.
  5. Approval of FAQ - used to check work of CSR before making answer public
  6. Unapproval of FAQ - used to take an FAQ off the public list.
  7. Approve as Non-Members, Members, or Admin FAQ item.
  8. FAQ Category Control
  9. Direct Add to FAQ Function
  10. View Logs - See how well your CSR's are performing compared to each other, or keep tabs on a far flung support staff worldwide

Other Multi-Level Marketing Software Member Communication Features

  1. Calendar Control to add corporate conference calls, meetings etc. to all member backoffice calendars.
  2. Member communication interface utilizes extensive member search capabilities to get your subset of members and post a note to all their members lounge, email to them internally, externally, and stamp note in CRM area of distributor maintenance, all at once.
  3. Integrated Moderated Forums available for any clients who would like them, turned OFF by default due to learning curve.

Multi-Level Marketing Software Multi-Lingual

  1. Translate to as Many languages as you wish.
  2. Easily issue translator passwords to motivated members without risk.
  3. Translation Interface - Video Demo 8min 56sec
  4. Control of System Pages Base English to allow you to fit system to your culture
  5. Enable, disable languages and control character set used
  6. FAQ System operates in separate languages
  7. Webeditor CMS System allows for translators to make easy duplicates of pages to translate without design skills.
  8. Approval based translation system allows for translation to NOT go live until admin approval.
  9. Search for translatable text by page, word, text string, or all untranslated items. Full versioning system built in.

Multi-Level Marketing Software Reporting

  1. Sales - VERY POWERFUL for Slicing/Dicing your sales Data!! Multiple Input by City/State/Zip and by Item Code/Product Category/Age/Rank all date range selectable. Sub totals by each category. Shows Total Units Sold, Avg/unit, Total Orders, Avg/Order, Total People Sold To, Avg/Person, Total Autoships, Total Autoship Amount, Avg/Autoship
  2. Sales Summary - Total Sales/Taxes/Freight per enabled Currency by date range, breaks out commissionable and non commissionable sales as well.
  3. Sales Graphs - Current Period, Previous Period, set period Daily, Weekly, Annually, Yearly, or By commperiod, then shows comparatives of last month vs this month, and same periods a year ago.
  4. Sales Item Detail - by order date, paid date or commperiod, date selectable, show by country, or all, and paid or unpaid or all orders. Shows by cart category, all items and who bought each one as well as price volume and taxes.
  5. Item Summary
  6. 1099 - report to use to generate your 1099's for American clients.
  7. AutoShip - Shows all members, their autoship day, volume, date of last autoship, Order Status and Signup Date. Hotlinked to Distributor Maintenance.
  8. AutoShip Product - Lets you select a list of all users on autoship for a particular product, shows username, item code, Country shipping to, Quantity, and Ship Day.
  9. Commissions - By date range, shows who earned how much and their username and real name, hotlinks to distributor maintenance.
  10. Invoices - List of invoices by date range and paid status and referrer, can export to csv. Shows
  11. Leader Listing - Shows top Sponsorers by day, week, month, year, all time
  12. Qty Sponsor - By Date Range, and Referrer, Shows total sponsored, name, username, phone number and email. Often used for recognition phone calls.
  13. Signups - By Date Range and Referrer, All Signups showing Username, Name, Date of Signup, Sponsor and Autoship Volume.
  14. PSVolume - By Date Range, and you can select, top 10, 20, 30, 40, 100 to show total personally sponsored volume. Shows Username, Name, Personal Volume, and Personally Sponsored Volume.
  15. Cancel - By Date Range and Referrer, shows all Cancelled members username, name, signup type, date cancelled and sponsor.
  16. Suspended - Shows all Suspended Members and allows you to terminate from within report.
  17. Unfinancial - Shows all Unfinancial Members and allows you to terminate from within report.
  18. Commission Period Summary - Shows metrics from your commission plan by commission period, and allows you to get a csv report of full details of pay by member.
  19. Credit Card Autoship
  20. Member Personal Account Balances - Shows total balance of each members personal account by currency, you can select sort order by balance, id, username or name Ascending or Descending. You can export this report as a CSV.
  21. Product Order List - Daily order report, by date range
  22. PDF Report - Generate PDF's
  23. Check Report - A list of all checks, who they were written to, how much for, and check number.
  24. URL Statistics - Shows hits to urls within your system
  25. Awstats - Web statistics for your site by AwStats.
  26. Current Active - By member status and date range, report shows username, name, address, autoship volume, and initial purchase volume. This report can be exported as a CSV
  27. Tax Summary - report for preparing your Sales taxes, or GST or VAT, if you are not using a service such as Avalara.
  28. Login/Pageviews Graphs - Graphs of how many logins/pageviews you have had by time frame.
  29. Any report you need can be made for you upon your spec.


  1. Context Sensitive Help to allow quick learning of the system
  2. Recognition photo approval

Admin Auto Prospecting System Functions

  1. Integrates with main MLM Software kernal seamlessly
  2. 1 autoship takes care of both monthly fees and Ad Co-op
  3. A Major Profit Center for your Business
  4. Unlimited Template System Creation
  5. Corporate Push to keep members updated with latest corporate version if they wish.
  6. Advertising Co-Op Engine for tracking money in the co-op and money placed in ads and where.
  7. Ad Co-Op participant list (automatic but you can add or take away manually as well)
  8. Lead Transfer
  9. Compliance engine to lock out members from making changes that will affect the company negatively
  10. Statistics

Optional Modules

  1. Stock Market Game - Virtual Stock Market Game
  2. Auction Engine - Normal, Reverse, Highest Unique, Lowest Unique, Penny
  3. Coupon Engine - A Groupon type engine.

3rd Party Integrations

This list is constantly changing, so if something you need is not written here, please don't hesitate to contact us to see if we have what you need, or something that can easily substitute.

  1. USA Taxation
  2. Avalara Tax
  3. CCH Tax Tables

Credit Card Gateways and Payout Solutions: (List changes regularly)

  2. TransFirst
  3. eWay
  4. VirtualMerchant
  5. eProcessingNetwork
  6. Barclaycard
  7. Link Point
  8. Network Merchants
  9. Transaction Central
  10. IPS eWallet
  11. GMO Payment Gateway
  12. Moneris
  13. BluePay
  14. Wirecard
  15. Pay Junction
  16. IP Service
  17. MIGS
  18. SagePay
  19. PayTrace
  20. ProPay
  21. Metrics Global Gateway
  22. First Data
  23. Giact Systems
  24. SolidTrustPay (Caution on this company)
  25. AlertPay (Caution on this company)
  26. Paypal (not recommeded for MLM)
  27. MoneyBookers
  28. GlobalXchange E-wallet
  29. INS Personal Account and E-Wallet (built into Multi-Level Marketing Software)

3rd Party Shipping Company Integrations: (this list changes regularly)

  1. Fedex (Caution many types of integration, likely would need rebuilding based on the type you qualify for for fedex)
  2. Pitney Bowes
  3. Apex
  4. INS csv export generation and PDF creation (allows integration by csv or xml to many different logistics companies)

First Class Support

  1. 24/7/365 Emergency support.
  2. Every client gets Issue tracking software to ensure no details are ever lost, no "emails" go astray creating costly time delays, and all staff, yours and ours are kept on track and accountable.
  3. Support by Skype text and voice (with appointment), and even Telephone if and when required.
  4. Sunday 4pm to 11pm PST
  5. Monday to Thursday 7am PST to 11pm PST
  6. Friday 7am to 4pm PST

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