MLM Communicator Mobile Application

MLM Communicator v1.1

Eliminates the MLM System email deliverability problems that plague our industry!

MLM Systems can send email blasts, but they take time to be delivered even when using a service as robust as AMAZON's, AND you get a 70% deliverability at best!

MLM Communicator delivers your email blasts ALSO as push notifications to your MLM Members SmartPhone.

Works with INS MLM Software. Any INS MLM Software client can have the MLM Comunicator Mobile Application enabled.

This MLM Mobile Application allows all corporate email blasts to be also delivered by Push Notification to the Members Smartphone if they have downloaded the FREE MLM Communicator Mobile Application.

As push notifications are not free, the MLM Communicator app must have credits purchased by the MLM Company in order to send email blasts through the app. The credits are extremely cheap in bulk, getting as low as 0.3 cents or US$0.003 each.

This MLM Mobile Application can be customized and branded for any INS MLM Software client giving them their own branded experience in iTunes and Android Play marketplaces. Contact us for a quote.

Coming in Version 2.0

All System emails also able to be sent as push notifications and full control by the mobile application purchaser as to which push notifications they wish to get vs. those they do not wish to get in order to avoid application deletion due to push notification fatigue.

Emails that can also go as push notifications AND member control to turn them off that are planned:

Corporate Messages

 Corporate Blasts Y/N

 Corporate Individual Y/N

 FAQ Response Y/N

Member Messages

 Upline Message Blasts Y/N

 Upline Individual Y/N

 Sideline/Friends Direct Y/N

 About Me Page Y/N

 Newsfeed Y/N

 New Personal Notification Y/N

 Shopping Cart Order Y/N

Utility Messages

 Credit Card Decline Y/N

 Gift Certificate Y/N

 Password Retrieval Y/N

 Activation Y/N

 No SSN on file

 Compression Warning Y/N

 Credit Card Expiry Y/N


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