MLM Auction Software Module!

MLM Auction Software Module by MLM Software provider

Want to add an amazing virtual product to your MLM? Are you looking for an ideal MLM Virtual product to power your MLM?

Either way the MLM Auction Software Module can help. Whether you are selling credits for traditional auction, or Reverse Auction or even Penny Auctions (not recommended call us to let you know why) the INS MLM Auction software module could be your solution.

Whether you are looking for the MLM Auction Software as an add on, or stand alone, INS can help with this module that interfaces seamlessly into its main MLM Software kernal.

The concept of selling credits for posting items to an auction and the fast growth of membership with interest in what is being sold by the MLM auction using the MLM Auction Software is pure and true, Ebay has been doing it for years, and making a boatload of money doing it. The only difference is they charge on a service by service basis vs. the purchase of up front credits that is often necessary to make an MLM Auction concept work.

A traditional non MLM Auction like Ebay is a fantastic product to add to an existing MLM company.

The issue with Traditional MLM Auctions is the actual consumability is quite limited and as a stand alone Virtual Product offering, it is hard to prove value as many purchasing your credits will never use them as they were possibly only interested in making money in your commission plan. This basic concept can make a pure idea turn horribly illegal.

The consumability issue due to a limited market of people wanting to empty their garage or storeroom of unneeded treasures with the use of MLM Auction Software in an MLM company is what paved the way for the more exciting options of MLM Reverse Auction software and finally the concept tha took MLM Auctions just a little too far, the Penny MLM Auction software.

Done right, the Reverse MLM Auction Software can be a massive exciting and fun ADDITION to a traditional MLM company looking to have something new and current the breeds high member interactivity and a reason to be constantly logging into your back office increasing your communication and training opportunities. It can be a bit of work in administration as you always need to procure items for sale and ship items sold, but ultimately done properly can be an effective addition.

Even done right, the MLM Penny Auction is a flawed concept from the get go. While the consumability of credits is the hightest on the MLM Penny Auction, there are 3 major issues facing the penny auction.

  1. Items that do not get enough bids when you are small going for way to few bids costing the company a lot of money. This leads to EXPENSIVE gift giving as a result of using Penny MLM Auction Software.
  2. Member confusion. The fact that you add time to the clock each time a bid is placed makes members go crazy in misunderstanding and complaining they are sure they were the last bid. This can create a lot of member unhappiness. This leads to MASSIVE support costs.
  3. CRUSHING bandwidth needs making it very costly to operate the MLM Penny Auctions EVEN if you only have 10,000 or so members playing.

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