E-Commerce Shopping Cart what Makes ours Different?

In order to facilitate the MLM Matrix Software capabilities, our Shopping Cart system must be considerably more advanced than most simple shopping carts.

Our E-commerce Shopping Cart Software Feature list:

  1. Member Commission Volume Setting - allows you to have commissions paid on an amount less than the sales price for cases of low profit margin products
  2. Product Availability Control - allows for you to have different products show for customers as show in the affiliate lounge as may be available for inclusion in a Auto ship.
  3. Product Taxation Control - set product to taxable or non taxable as well as if you have wholesale/retail pricing, allow taxes to calculate on whichever you choose
  4. Product Attribute Control - add attributes such as length, width, weight, etc.
  5. Package Creation Capabilities - assemble packages of products that you can have picked from your warehouse in real time, or as preformed packages
  6. Multi-Item in an item - Say you sell the same product in 3 sizes, our shopping cart will allow you to list the product 1 time with a dropdown for size choice keeping your shopping cart much cleaner.
  7. Multi-Currency - Have different products available depending on Currency Selected
  8. Multi-Lingual - you can have the system and shopping cart operate in multiple languages and set different prices for different languages.

In addition to this, our shopping cart has the ability to behave differently in different sections of your site.

For example, lets say you choose to run an Matrix MLM program but only reward with incentive dollars, not actual money.

You could have the shopping cart in your Members Lounge have special products that your members could redeem their incentive dollars for. These could be products that do not exist in your regular customer shopping cart.

Another level of top control you have is the ability to set which currencies you wish to have operate within the cart, as well as how many pricing levels you wish to have and which level to charge in each section where the shopping cart is available.

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