Multi-lingual Translation Engine

Let us clear this up right up front. Our Affiliate Software will not automatically translate your whole site into various languages.

Our Affiliate Software has been built with multilingual capabilities in mind from the ground up so you have control over every word, dropdown, menu and piece of text you see.

You can translate the entire system into whatever languages you desire. You can also change the English words within the system if they do not suit your purpose.

There are two components to this system.

Custom Page Multilingual Capability

In the Content Management System, we have the ability to very easily make a copy of any page for the purpose of translating it into another language. This allows you to easily have the structure of the page preserved, but lets you localize graphics or pictures.

For example say you had a page that had a picture of currency in it and that was USD. When you copied the page to translate into Japanese, you may want to replace that picture with a picture of Japanese Yen instead of US Dollars.

The other advantage of this system is 3 paragraphs of English may turn into only 1 paragraph of Japanese. With this method you would have design control on a page by page language by language basis

System Page Multilingual Capability

The way the Multilingual Translation Interface works for the System pages is a little different. Here you can enter the Translation Engine and search for any string of text to translate, or you can bring up the text strings URL by URL.

This allows you to go translate pages at a time, for example the signup page for your affiliates. You could start with the pages that matter the most to your company for certain languages.

You can translate right through to where you do the entire administration sections into multiple Languages

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