Self Replicated Website, What is it?

Our Self Replicated Engine allows you to utilize our CMS (Content Management System) in order to fully control your website, and essentially make a "Copy" of your website, or a Replicated version of your website available to any of your Affiliates or Associates.

Self Replicated websites are the key our Affiliate Software.

So for example, our domain name for our Affiliate Software is At this site, anybody who is interested in spreading the word about our Affiliate Software for a commission or "Bird Dog" can sign up for free as an affiliate.

Lets say Fred Nurk decided to become an affiliate and he chose his username to be Nurk. Once his signup was complete, he would be given his own version of our website at

If you click on those two links, you will see they are the same, or "Replicated".

The only difference between these two sites, is the available "About Me" page that can be utilized should your company decide to.

All our Replicated Sites have two components to them. The "Public" available area which is really just your website as you know it now, where anyone can bring up a page and see things, and the Affiliates Lounge, where only affiliates can get to using a password.

The affiliates lounge offers you the ability to have incentive rewards that may not show in your public Shopping Cart only available to affiliates, or information for affiliates to be communicated privately from customers.

Both sections are controllable through our CMS.

The "About Me" page is a single page that your affiliate can control from their Affiliates Lounge, to write a personal welcome and maybe insert a picture or their story or testimonial about your company for their potential customers to read.

This all automatic within our Affiliate Software, it just happens. Your only responsibility is to add your Content with the CMS system.

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