MLM Contact Manager Software

Our MLM Contact Manager Software included in our Auto Prospecting System, has been built with 1 primary motivation. Usability. We have kept it scaled down to make it easy to use. We have found much of the MLM Contact Management software on the market never gets used as they are just too hard to figure out.

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Contact Manager or MLM Contact Management software doesn't have to be that way.

Our Web Based MLM Contact Management Software makes it easy to track names, phone numbers, fax numbers, birthday's, anniversaries and all kinds of other important information.

Our interface makes it easy to keep notes on each and ever potential customer or customer and easily set the next follow up date for this contact. We believe in Set it and Forget it! If all you ever used in our Contact Manager was the Action list, you would probably double your sales!

Once you contact someone on the Action list, you click a button to say you contact them, fill in any applicable notes, set the next date you want to contact them, push go, and forget it!

They will disappear from your Action Contact list till the appropriate date! Simple! Efficient!

Our contact management system goes 1 step further in that it is tied tightly to our Autoresponders. You can easily add Sales Leads, or customers to an unlimited number of Follow up email series.

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