MLM Autoresponders

MLM Autoresponders, what are they in relation to the Automatic Prospecting System?

Now that is a very very good question. Think of MLM auto responders as your automated recruiting team that never takes holiday's, never gets sick, never complains, and never misses the chance to follow up!

An MLM Autoresponder in the case of our MLM Auto Prospecting system is simply a series of emails that you can send out to someone on a timed basis. So you can enter all the content of multiple emails that follow up or train a prospect or your team, and also set at what intervals you would like the emails to be sent out.

Our MLM Automatic Prospecting software contains from 10 to an unlimited number autoresponders. In the Free Forever Version you get 10 Autoresponder for following up.

How about a Pre-Prospecting series that you use after calling someone to see if they may want information on your Opportunity. Once they say yes, you would enter them into a Pre Prospecting series that suggests they come and look through your HourADay.comAuto prospecting system.

Once they looked through, you may have another series that is a Follow Up series. The system is smart enough to pass the prospect from the Pre-Prospecting series to the Follow up Series if you choose to set that up. Then lets say you company is using our MLM Software, we can even have you use a 3rd series for Training, and the system will know they joined, and update your new members series to the training series.

You could run a Newsletter through your Autoresponder series if you chose to as a series. You may have product follow up series' and a business opportunity follow up series. As you can see the limits for how to use your Auto Prospecting System Auto responders are just about limitless.


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