Corporate Advertising Co-Operative (Ad Co-op)

If you would like to run a Company Wide Ad Co-Op, we can put our Ad Co-op Engine in place for those companies who have Omsys Auto prospecting System license agreements with us.

If you purchase a license to our full MLM Software, we can even integrate both the MLM Auto Prospecting fees and the MLM Ad Co-op fees into your autoship. This saves on both confusion and Visa Transaction fees.

You would have complete control to have advertising out in as many locations as you please and the Ad Co Op engine will track all the campaigns for you.

Every place you advertise will then have a specific link assigned to it that will redirect the lead to the next eligible person in the Ad Co-op. All leads are tracked as to where they originated and the technology allows for the redirect in a way that will not get you excluded from Google's pay per click system.

The system would also keep track of all who have bought Ad Co Op shares and make sure your hit rotation list is constantly up to date based on who has paid for the Ad Co Op shares

Effectively by using our MLM Auto Prospecting and integrating an MLM Ad Co Op into it, you ensure high quality lead generation and you recoup all the investment in lead generation from your members.

You will build faster, and attract a much higher level of leaders once they know you have such advanced prospecting tools and Ad Co Op capabilities that ensure not only the leaders success, but the success of the whole team.

You can set up and control your MLM Ad Co Op all yourselves, or for 10% of the advertising pool monthly (minimum $500 USD per month) we will run an ad campaign specific for you.

A great way to put your MLM company into momentum or help KEEP it there!!

See a demo of the System at:

Get yourself a FREE FOREVER Version (up to 2000 communications per month) of this incredible MLM Auto Prospecting Software and mobile app by going to: click join, then select the FREE Forever, OR download the itunes or android mobile app.

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