Dennis M. Wilson (not the Beach Boy!)

Hi, my name is Dennis M. Wilson.

I began in the Industry in October of 1996. I, like many, did not listen to anything I was told. I figured I ran my own business in real life, so I would show these guys how to do this MLM business! My only saving grace was that I read a lot of books. Those books described the unteachable like me.

My biggest breakthrough came when I worked with a huge leader and fantastic person by the name of Greg Stewart. The lessons I learned propelled me to break through that magic barrier of $10,000 a month. Here is the main thing he taught me!

The MLM Secret!

The MLM Secret

I have built three teams in the MLM industry.

The first I thought was large at the time, it was about 1000 members. The average signup was $1000 and the autoship requirement was $100 a month. That company closed, the owner lost his focus.

The second team I built was almost 4000 members of which I built 2000 of them in Japan. The average signup was $500 and the autoship requirement was $25. This company was closed due to a debit card company closing up and stealing everyones money.

The third team I built was 18000 members and I did it in 4 months! The average signup was $500 and the monthly commitment was about $50. This company also closed its doors after almost 5 years in business.

I started Consulting Ltd. the same time I joined my first MLM. has provided its premier MLM Software and MLM Consulting to 600+ MLM Companies from startups to $1 Billion dollar per year run rates over the last 14+ years.

Following is a bit more of my history.

My MLM Distributor Days

Virtual Games Global (then then now defunct!)

  • Dennis Wilson built a team of 18,000 members as a distributor in 4 months using the automated prospecting system (CRM Software and sales automation) developed.
  • Was brought in as an MLM consultant to help their troubled MLM software systems.
  • Earned in excess of $1,000,000 as a distributor.
2000 - 2002

  • Dennis Wilson worked as an MLM consultant with main programmers on MLM Software and site development
  • Built an income as a distributor of $14,000 per month, including an extensive team in Japan.
  • Worked on translation interface for the MLM Software system with the programming team, as well as worked with the translator to put the site into Japanese.
  • Ongoing MLM consulting role before the owner decided to shut it down for personal reasons.
1996 - 2000 N/A/T/O International

Dennis Wilson's first introduction to MLM in a company called N/A/T/O International where he built an income of $5000 per month before the company changed to a different concept.

While with that company Dennis Wilson was retained as an MLM consultant to:

  • Work with management on a PowerPoint presentation to showcase the company
  • Rework their distributor manuals
  • Work with management to create their two day training called N/A/T/O University
  • Work with management as an MLM consultant to conceptualize, create, and build MLM software for a new division called
1990 - 1997 Image Ink Sales (1991) Ltd.
  • Small business owner.
  • Portable Neon Signs (mass production) and Architectural Lettering (CNC Router Table) Manufacturing company.
  • Advanced Computer systems automation developed in operation of this company.
  • 1 million a year in gross sales.
  • 10 employees.

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