Autoship Module

Our advanced Autoship Module offers a number of advantages over typical Autoship arrangements.

As with all the components in our MLM Software, they can be used to easily administer both online and offline distributors.

We offer Autoship control in the members back office. They can change their autoship anytime they feel up to the day their autoship will be run.

Options available to you for processing of autoship include daily, weekly, or monthly autoship processing.

Forward Point Injection

Often members would like to purchase a starting inventory of products in order to hit the ground running by having enough product to sell or sample out to build their business quickly.

Some commission plans like to offer a pre-purchase of autoship to allow for this. the negative of an autoship pre-purchase is that all the points accrue upfront creating big checks, but less stickiness or residual income.

You can set a product in our Shopping Cart to be a forward injection Autoship Product. This means you control how many points over how many periods you would like the points to expire. The system will then populate a forward Point Expiration table to ensure the points for that big purchase are spread out over the year or however long you set.

Payment From Personal Account

Save on Visa Discount charges, and Chargeback risk with this innovative approach to autoship payment.

Members can leave a portion of their earnings behind in order to cover their next autoship from their personal account.

Upline can transfer a portion of their pay to a downline that doesn't have a credit card but still wants to be on autoship. Our advanced Personal Account payment system available in the Deluxe version of our software can save you substantial money and labor.

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