Bitcoin, Altcoin, Crypto Currency Mining MLM Contracts

Resell our mining contracts and get your CryptoCurrency MLM off to a FAST viral start.

If you are looking to join the Crypto Currency marketplace with your MLM but are struggling with the every important question of Product of Value, has just made it a whole lot easier for you.

We have just set up a full Crypto Currency Mining Amalgamation system to allow you to reduce the risk of failure for you members buy reselling our Bitcoin, AltCoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and other Crypto Currency Mining contracts.

We amalgamate contracts from all of the main providers as well as run our own mining operation to keep the exposure to a single mining operation becoming non-profitable or simply going out of business to a minimum for your members.

Contracts are all re-sold by your MLM under the name, and daily payouts are all handled to YOUR members direct from so you never have the concern of being labelled a Ponzi Scheme as you are a reseller of an existing service and you are NOT paying daily yourselves.

Payments happen to us in REAL TIME in Bitcoin as your company recieves payment from your members.

Support on mining questions are able to be plumbed through direct to so you avoid the complaints and misunderstandings for your own MLM support team.

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