Other Feature of the HourADay.com MLM Autoprospecting Software

Mentoring Function - The ability for your support team or upline or mentor to have access to your contacts and watch your progress. Double opt in so you need to ask them if they will, and they accept, then the Mentoring Relationship becomes active. The Auto Prospecting system owner can at anytime terminate a mentoring relationship, as can the mentor

Direct Data Entry from Another Website - Our system comes with the HTML codes that you would need to collect information from any website you like and control and push it directly into your contact manager and Autoresponder series.

Custom Data Field - The basic system doesn't track all the information you would like? Our Autoprospecting

Birthday and Anniversary Reminders - You can have the system automatically send Birthday and Anniversary greetings.

See a demo of the HourADay.com System at: www.258788.com/demo1

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