Corporate Default Setups

For Corporate license holders, there is a whole extra layer of control we give you to serve your members better.

You are able to set up as many "default" setups of the system as you like. These defaults that you set up corporately will then become available to the members when they set up their MLM Auto Prospecting systems.

An even better part of this feature is you can keep them all updated with the latest corporate default versions. The member has the ability to accept "Corporate Pushes" or not. If they have accept on, with the push of a button, you can update all who whish to be updated with your latest changes.

Corporate pushes also run through the compliance engine to be sure that nobody, not even administrators can accidentally make mistakes in copy that could have negative impact on the company.

If a member starts with the corporate version, then modifies the system slightly, they simply set the acceptance of Corporate pushes to Off and their systems will not be overwritten.

See a demo of the System at:

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